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My name is Håkan Nilsson. I mainly work as a Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, but I also run this side-line activity outside my regular employment to provide teaching for industry (read: anyone). At the moment the teaching is focused on the use and development of the OpenFOAM open source CFD toolbox and its derivatives.

I have been teaching OpenFOAM courses since 2007, based on experiences and knowledge gained through teaching, research and development with OpenFOAM since 2005. I am part of the great community of OpenFOAM users, and I am highly involved in the distribution of community-contributed tutorials through the OpenFOAM Wiki. I am part of the OpenFOAM Workshop Committee, and I arranged the 5th OpenFOAM Workshop at Chalmers in 2010, with 213 participants from 31 countries. I have taught courses at several of those workshops, from basic usage to advanced usage for turbomachinery applications. Since 2011 I have arranged an annual OpenFOAM user group meeting. I am currently involved as an application expert in computational fluid dynamics, with focus on OpenFOAM, at the Swedish National Infrastructure for  computing (SNIC).

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October 13, 2019

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